Genius Hour: Work as a Programmer

What is this?

This website explores the details about working as a programmer and provides details on the career path, working also as a model for Genius Hour.

Why did I make a website?

I decided to make a website to communicate this information because websites are a great way to broadcast a message to a wide audience. As the career path being investigated here is in programming, this medium of communication is especially well suited for this project and provides great practice and experience for this career, working as a small glimpse into the work of a professional programmer.

What did I learn?

This project provided an excellent way to experiement with programming, not only giving me practice and allowing me to experiment with the skill, but also giving me the opportunity to speak with a real professional programmer, Erin Kidwell. And, through the process of creating this site, I have learned how much I enjoy programming, and what I do and don't excell at in that process.

Furthermore, I learned how to use a variety of essential programming tools to make a website and organize my code well. I learned to use:

  • Atom (a text editor with powerful version git integration)
  • Git & Github (a version control software and cloud hosting storage site)
  • Terminal (the macOS console application that allowed me to organize and edit files)
  • Bootstrap (a ubiquitous web development library with which most web developers today are familiar)
  • html (the markup language that undergirds the web)
  • css (the language that gives the web style)